HCS Solutions offers you:

  • Practical advice you can apply right away to make your HR department better 
  • HR support you need — when you need it — at an affordable cost
  • Custom human resources solutions that are aligned with your vision
  • Compliant HR solutions tailored to your small business’ needs and requirements
  • Ability to quickly get answers to all of your HR questions by phone and email


Challenges Solved

  • Find and hire the right people to work for you
  • Develop education and training programs
  • Create employee handbooks
  • Remain compliant with changing industry policies and procedures
  • Discipline and counsel employees
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Execute performance reviews

 Ways We Will Work With You

 HCS delivers comprehensive human resource management and organizational development solutions and services benchmarked with professional best practices.  We partner with companies of all sizes to deliver service in a number of ways: 

 I.  General Human Resource Management-Comprehensive H.R. risk assessment audits • H.R. strategic planning  • General H.R. projects  • Affirmative Action Programs) • Web- and PC-based payroll and HRMS with self-serve features • H.R. policy manuals and employee handbooks, with accompanying forms


II. Recruiting and Employment • Contract recruiter and employment coordinators, on-site or off-site  • Assistance identifying hiring requirements • Retained and Contingency Recruiting     • Pre-employment candidate assessments • Pre-employment background inquiries and verifications 


III. Employee Relations • Internal investigations of discrimination and harassment allegations • Comprehensive risk management programs, including access to employee call center for reporting incidents of discrimination or harassment • Manage issues related to EEOC charges and unemployment compensation claims • Management coaching   • Employee Opinion Surveys 


IV. Training and Organizational Development • Design and deliver custom, client-specific training sessions • Conduct supervisory and management training

V. Career Transition and Outplacement Services • Career Transition Workshops  • On-site and off-site employment events  • Facilitate interview role rehearsals, including video-taped sessions • Develop personal marketing plans  • Facilitate introductions to prospective employers

Our Services

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